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Armed intruder preparedness

Armed intruder attacks continue to occur in the United States with alarming frequency. These attacks can happen anywhere at any time, typically with little or no warning; any of Church Mutual’s policyholders could be impacted. Church Mutual has partnered with industry experts ALICE Training Institute and Secure Education Consultants (SEC) to help you develop plans and procedures to keep your people safe before, during and after a violent attack.

In addition to engaging in proper risk control measures, it’s also important to know what is covered in your insurance policy. Armed security, volunteer teams and concealed carry all come with certain risks and responsibilities. Click here to learn more about what may be covered on your Church Mutual insurance policy.



View the following materials to learn more about armed intruder security, legal liability, considerations and more.

Armed Intruder Resource Kit:

Click here for more security and crime prevention resources and information. 


Use the resources below to better prepare your people and organization should an armed intruder situation occur.

FEMA’s Developing High Quality Emergency Operation Plans for Houses of Worship also provides in-depth insight around the actions you can take before, during and after an emergency situation to reduce the impact on your people and property.


Live Events: Preparing for an Armed Intruder

Find out about spotting warning signs before a violent event occurs and discover how you can keep your people safe if faced with an armed intruder incident. Learn More