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Weather preparedness

The persistent threat of severe weather is a reality no matter where you live. It is important to know how you can prepare and how you can react during and following a severe weather event.

Keep Your People and Your Property Safe


Follow this 3-Step Action Plan

Extreme weather can strike at any time. To make sure you're ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store this summer, follow this 3-Step Action Plan. It tells you how to protect your buildings, grounds, people and property from unnecessary risks.


Perhaps the most important part of your plan is being prepared. What you do before a storm strikes is critical. Here's what you should be doing before violent weather happens:

Make the Most of the Off-Season:

Look at previous years' weather patterns to get an idea of what to expect in the coming months. Use historical data on weather websites and go back several years. Or refer to the online ZIP Code Tool from to see what the risk exposure is like in your area. Another useful resource is the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Maps ( You can quickly tell if you're in a flood-prone zone or not.

Activate Your Emergency Plan:

Your organization should have a set plan of action ready to go when needed. In that plan, you should define roles and responsibilities for key personnel. Decide who will be your team leader, communications coordinator, assembly point manager, first aid supervisor, etc. Also, before the storm season gets underway, prepare your organization's emergency website messages and telephone recordings, and document all staff phone numbers. You will also want to communicate what your closure details may be. Tell staff when the facility will close and when you expect to reopen.

Create Basic Life Safety Tasks:

Having evacuation and shelter procedures in place will let people know where to go in an emergency. You should also consider training key personnel in basic medical procedures like CPR and have equipment (in working order) readily available.