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Pull for Police

Sometimes, it seems like there’s a mass shooting incident in the United States every week. Whether you work in a school, house of worship, nonprofit or other facility, it’s natural to be concerned about the possibility of an armed intruder entering your property.

Church Mutual customers can have peace of mind knowing that law enforcement is just a pull away. We’ve developed the PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service to help support your emergency response program.

Intrigued? Here’s some more information about this potentially life-saving contraption:


Only customers who have an up-to-date and active CM Sensor® kit are eligible to participate in the PULL FOR POLICE program. The CM Sensor system detects when your facility is experiencing freezing temperatures or water problems and alerts you with the use of a smart device. You can enroll for a CM Sensor kit on the Church Mutual website.

If you sign up for the PULL FOR POLICE program but do not have a CM Sensor kit, we will place you on a wait list for the device.


You can easily attach the device to a variety of surfaces within your building, including a pulpit, wall, table or podium. Choose a spot in your facility that’s readily accessible in case of an armed intruder, but that may not be obvious to those not familiar with the building. Fortunately, you don’t have to drill any holes or use any tools to affix the device to a surface.

After you set up the device, there will be a “hold period” of 48 hours before it will be considered active and capable of notifying the police. You can use that period to register the device with your local police station and acquire any alarm permits you may need. You will also want to make sure local police are including your facility on their regular patrols.

At the end of the 48-hour period, you can be assured that whenever you use the device, local law enforcement personnel will be notified.

Additional resources for protection

While PULL FOR POLICE is a good tool to use for protection, it should not be the only part of your plan to respond to an armed intruder. Church Mutual offers a number of resources for armed intruder preparedness, including a tabletop drill, planning checklist and security assessment. While it’s true that you can’t anticipate when an armed intruder may try to enter your premises, you can train your staff and volunteers to be ready.

Enroll today in PULL FOR POLICE Armed Intruder Emergency Service.