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Take on colder temperatures with CM Sensor®

As temperatures drop, you are likely considering how to best protect your facility from damage due to frozen or leaking pipes. Of course, it’s best when you know there is a problem so you can take immediate steps to remedy the situation — but chances are you are not in your building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The CM Sensor® 24/7 Temperature and Water Alert System has been an important tool for many Church Mutual customers in recent years. The sensor equipment alerts a staff member or designated volunteer whenever it detects water or dangerously cold temperatures in the facility. Customers who use a CM Sensor kit avoid unwanted damage and disruption, time lost to cleanup, administrative headaches and rescheduling because they were notified of an issue in time to prevent small issues from becoming big problems.

Each CM Sensor kit comes with a SmartBase and two dual-purpose sensors that monitor for both water and temperature changes. If the sensors detect standing water, low temperatures that could lead to frozen pipes and water damage, or excessively high temperatures inside (i.e., over 105⁰ F), an alert is sent to a designated staff member via the SmartBase that something is amiss. Alerts are also sent if the sensor equipment detects a power outage at the facility.

The CM Sensor program is available in all 50 states and, as more and more customers have adopted the innovative technology, has saved millions of dollars in losses. It is particularly effective at detecting water leaks in buildings—in 2020 alone, CM Sensor kits averted $14.6 million in losses due to water damage.

If additional kits or sensors are needed, you now have the option to purchase them at

Visit to learn more about the sensor program and discover how you can reduce your risk of damage and disruption from water-related incidents.