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Emergency preparedness key contacts checklist

A key contacts checklist is an important tool to include in your organization’s emergency preparedness efforts. This checklist can be used to quickly and easily reach out to those who need to know about an emergency.

Include the names, phone numbers and email addresses for the following individuals and groups in your key contacts checklist:

  • Organizational leadership.
  • Staff members.
  • Volunteers.
  • Vendors, like your insurance company, IT provider, food supplier, etc.
  • Local emergency response agencies, such as your local police department, fire department and ambulance service. 

It’s important to keep your key contacts checklist in a safe, easily accessible place in the event of an emergency and it’s recommended you include a copy in your organization's emergency preparedness kit. In addition to physical copies, consider the use of a secure, digital copy of your key contacts checklist that can be accessed from mobile devices in multiple locations.

Some additional tips for creating a key contacts checklist for your organization include:

  • Keep it up to date. Make sure to update your checklist regularly with any changes to your contact information or emergency plans.

  • Make it portable. Your checklist should be easy to take with you in case you need to evacuate.

  • Share it with others. Give copies of your checklist to your board members, staff members, volunteers and vendors so they have it in case you are not able to contact them.

By creating a key contacts checklist, you can be prepared to quickly and easily reach out to those who need to know about an emergency, helping your organization stay safe and informed during a difficult and potentially stressful time.

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