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Don’t let a hurricane devastate your facility

When you live in an area that experiences tropical storms and hurricanes, it can feel like summer and fall are fraught with peril. Hurricanes are devastating, yes, but Church Mutual Insurance Company has created a list of steps you can take to lower your risk for property damage and bodily harm.

  1. Make a plan. The most important step in preparing for a hurricane is making a plan for evacuation, should it be necessary. Establish a meeting place and make sure everyone in your facility knows what to do. You should also find a room on your property where you can shelter in place if needed.
  2. Make sure you have proper insurance and keep a list of the property and items you own and their approximate value. Church Mutual offers insurance options that fit your organization’s needs and provides an inventory survey to use before a hurricane hits.
  3. Prepare hurricane survival kits for everyone who is regularly in your building. Whether you are a house of worship, school, senior living facility or nonprofit organization, you need to take care of your people. Kits should include a three-day supply of bottled water, a flashlight and batteries, a first-aid kit, nonperishable food that doesn’t require cooking, a portable radio and batteries, and a toiletry kit.
  4. Scan your facility to make sure valuables are off the floor. Hurricanes often bring flooding, and any electronics and other items left on the floor may be ruined. You should also unplug all electronics.
  5. Charge all phones and communication devices. You may lose access to electricity for several days, and it’s important to have a way to communicate.
  6. Secure your exterior. Trim any tree branches that are close to or overhanging your building and bring any outdoor furniture inside.
  7. Protect your windows. Storm shutters will protect windows, doors and skylights from potential damage. You can also nail pieces of plywood to window frames.

Click here to view and download our helpful hurricane safety infographic.

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